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Hernani by Victor Hugo is a unique men’s fragrance with remarkable longevity and allure. It opens with royal basil, followed by a blend of resin, coffee, and Egyptian tobacco, and concludes with incense, oud, and intense heat. This captivating scent is sure to leave a lasting impression.
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Hernani perfume

The men’s fragrance “Hernani” by Victor Hugo boasts a profoundly distinctive scent, designed with remarkable longevity and projection, along with high allure to ensure you remain captivated by its aroma. This fragrance commences with the notes of royal basil leaves and establishes its core by blending elements such as resin, coffee, and Egyptian tobacco. Finally, in its primary and concluding olfactory notes, it sustains and lingers with the diffusion of a combination of elements like incense, oud, and the generation of intense heat. This astonishing creation ensures its stability and persistence.

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