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Victor Hugo Intense for women is a love letter to fragrances, blending the essence of rose with Tahitian black and white flowers, vanilla, incense, papyrus, Indian mint, toasted almonds, and fruit kernels. This warm, sweet scent is perfect for evening parties year-round and boasts long-lasting projection.
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Intense perfume

The combination of the women’s fragrance Victor Hugo Intense is crafted for the love of scents. Its scent is designed to bring out the essence of rose, combining the fragrance of rose with notes of Tahitian black and white flowers, and vanilla. Additionally, this concoction includes a blend of incense, papyrus, Indian mint, toasted almonds, and fruit kernels. Victor Hugo Intense Women’s Perfume, with its warm and sweet scent, is suitable for evening parties throughout the year. With its long-lasting and excellent projection, it has found its place among fans of this brand.

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