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Victor Hugo’s Javert cologne combines fruity and vanilla scents to captivate and attract. With exceptional longevity and deep sillage, it starts with apple and woody notes, followed by a heart of osmanthus, rose, and cedarwood, and finishes with vanilla, tonka bean, and Indian mint.
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Javert perfume

Victor Hugo’s Javert cologne, with its fruity and vanilla scent, captivates you. This fragrance boasts exceptional longevity, and its sillage is designed to be very high and deep. The diverse range of scents in this men’s fragrance is carefully considered to make you feel highly attractive. It begins with apple and woody notes, welcoming your elevated spirit. This perfume conveys energy to you right from the start. The heart of this men’s cologne consists of osmanthus, rose, and cedarwood. Shortly after, vanilla, tonka bean, and Indian mint fill your senses.

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